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My name is Jenny, and I am a family and kids photographer. My portfolio features multiple family photo sessions from all around the world, and each and every one of them is unique. Why? Because every family is different. I observe them through my lens, telling their story through pictures. My goal is to show the unique beauty of every family that comes to my photo sessions. I don’t rush my clients. There are no “Say cheese” moments during my sessions. I believe that the best family photo session is when everyone is relaxed and comfortable. No staging or styling can imitate the true emotions and love. So I wait patiently, look carefully, and then capture the essence of it.

If you came to my website in search for a family photographer, please start with the “Portfolio” section. But make sure you also read my “Articles” and “About” pages - they will tell you about me as a person. Your family photographer needs to be both a professional who can take beautiful pictures and a person with whom you will feel comfortable and open. Give me a call or write me an email if you like my work and want to give it a try. We can meet over a cup of coffee and discuss what your family photo session will be about, who will be participating in the photo shoot, and where it will take place. Together we will also find the best style: whether it will be more of a portrait session or a documentary - a snapshot of a day in your life. I will also help you select your wardrobe and give you tips on how to get ready for our photo session. Family photography is my business. I am proud to be a family photographer for many families, returning to their life year after year and hearing their comments: “Jenny? Oh, yes, she is our family photographer! Highly recommended”.

To order a professional photo session for your family, call +7 (916) 900-20-00.

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