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About me

My name is Jenny Semenova. I live and work in the city of Moscow, Russia. It is not uncommon for a photographer to have a background in a different field. I came to family photography from another artistic industry: having graduated from the Moscow Conservatory, I had been a professional cello player for 20 years. After that I earned another Master’s degree in Finance (numbers and logic have always fascinated me), discovering landscape photography at the same time. Embracing this new hobby of mine, I participated in numerous photo tours around the world. I even went to Antarctica! And then… my son was born. Through him, I discovered kids photography. My life has changed completely as my hobby has turned into a business. I am very passionate about my work. It is my pride and joy, and it is a source of constant learning and growth.

@ Natalia Fedorova

Sometimes people ask me, “How is one a professional family photographer?” It seems so simple to photograph children; they are so natural and fun. Just click the button, and there you go. “Surely one can pick ten good shots out of a thousand?” Not exactly. Real photography doesn’t happen by chance; instead, it is achieved through a photographer’s creative vision. A professional photographer is not just a person with a camera, even if he or she knows how to use his photo gear very well. A professional photographer is an artist who paints with light. Their pictures are different: they have balance, composition, and meaning – something that will resonate in the hearts of the viweres.

“Family and Kids Photographer” is how my business is usually identified. However, I preach and practice Family Photography. Even when people ask me to photograph only their child (which happens rather rarely), I try to convince parents to join in. And they almost always agree! A child’s world is a fascinating cosmos. I, of course, get to know every little person before creating pictures “only about him”. But the most important thing for me is to show a family in unity, to show what happens with yesterday’s boys and girls when they become moms and dads. This is about their relationships, joy, sadness, and happiness: doing something together, taking a walk, goofing around, letting it all go, and becoming kids again.

Услуги фотографа профессионала - Жени Семеновой, тематическое семейное фото, фотосессии@ Denis Ilyin

I gravitate towards life-style photography, avoiding painful rigid posing and standard smiles. I ask my clients to look at me less and to think about each other more. I also love shooting deep psychological portraits, as well as pictures full of light and movement. All my photo sessions are different, and this is what I especially like about them. After all, a family must be in the center of the photo session, not a personal style of the photographer. That is why one session can be fun and a bit crazy, another – bright and passionate, while the third is calm and intimate. The main goal of my family photo sessions is to tell “their story” through photographs in the best way possible.

Family photographs by Jenny Semenova come in a large set of 60+ pictures. There are no duplicates, only original shots: different emotions, angles, and settings all creating a story from beginning to end. In the picture set, you will find “farmable” portraits, a wide panoramic interior or outdoor shots, close-ups, details, and moments…

How long does it take? A family photo session takes two or three hours minimum. Sometimes it takes longer, especially in the case of a large-scale family session that includes indoor and outdoor settings, grandparents, and other family members. Or we may need to take a break to give a child more time to get used to me, or to simply take a nap. Nobody is rushed during my family photo sessions, because I don’t charge by the hour. For your money I deliver results. There is only one exception – photo coverage of birthday parties, where a client sets a fixed time.

I travel a lot for my photography. I usually spend July and August in Italy, January in Thailand, and then I visit other places by request during the rest of the year. Photographing a family on vacation is a dream job. Every day is a holiday. Dad doesn’t have to run to a meeting, mom is well rested and glowing with beauty, and the kids are happy with ice cream, the ocean, and family time. And your family photographer is happy to “change a scenery” for a couple of days and capture a beautiful moment for her portfolio.

Услуги фотографа профессионала - Жени Семеновой, тематическое семейное фото, фотосессии
@ Natalia Fedorova

I use the Nikon professional photo equipment for my family photography: the Nikon 3D and Nikon DF, plus a set of professional prime lenses. My Mac Book Pro laptop allows me to work wherever I go, so you will receive your photos on time, regardless of my travel schedule. I use RAID data storage for all my photo archives (both processed images and RAW files). I also keep copies of print-ready images, slide shows, and electronic photo books on two additional external hard drives. This means that if you lose your pictures or your slide show, you don’t have to panic. I have a backup. And if you ever need another copy of your photo book, let me know and I will send it to a printer right away.

In addition to commissioned photography, I shoot for my artistic portfolio on a regular basis. I am open for collaboration in exchange for advertising or other services. To share your ideas with me, please e-mail jenny.semenova@gmail.сom.

Jenny Semenova,
Your Family Photographer

Услуги фотографа профессионала - Жени Семеновой, тематическое семейное фото, фотосессии@ Alexander Sinitsyn

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