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Home photoshoot

This is how we live

About boys and girls, the green and red, the mom as captured in a French movie and dad as from the Russian one, about  the pants with bears , the cat, iPad and the robot dinosaur, that's it.

20 Фев 2016
Four generations

It is good to have a cordial get-together. To have this meeting reflected in the photos is even better. Grandparents, mother and even great — grandmother. And a small fidget Mary, charming and immensely loved by everyone.

9 Фев 2016
Smile! It irritates everyone

The same people and the very same place. When you have been in touch with people for 6 years, when you know the boys as your own kids, when you have no idea of what the shooting will be about and having started you fully dive in the process — yes, here they are Olga and her gang.

18 Авг 2015
Pauline and all all all!

When a family has a newborn girl, the usual world acquires absolutely different colors. And after a few years a family has another member, a small boy. At this moment...

29 Ноя 2014
The dance of love

Three boys, four guys and the goldilocks beauty Nastya. The two-part shooting – at home and outside.
If you like the slideshow you can find it here

17 Июн 2014

Well, I do confess that this shooting was "done" by the granddad. This is how talents can be buried somewhere deep, but after feeling the camera just within half an hour, my character...

28 Май 2014
Games with the light

With every meeting I notice how Timur and Damir are growing up. Now they play computer games, but still drink the homemade soda, do some tricks on the rings and dance to "the crazy frog". And...

16 Ноя 2013
You don't need a lot of space for love

A little space, a lot of tranquility and love. Alice and Fedor.

7 Янв 2013
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