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13 Апр 2016
Tired toys are sleeping

"Jenny, Jenny, look, this is Maaark!" — just impossible to convey the excitement expressed on Sonya's face. Jealousy? It`s amazing but there is no trace of it — just a very little girl adores the kid and pays him a lot of attention. It happens :)

7 Фев 2016
Alesha and Margo

A gentle home shooting devoted to the appearance of a newborn member of the family.

7 Фев 2016

and Marusya of course. These girls have just a slight age gap and it will take only a few years when they are taken for twins. Veruschka is only nine days...

20 Дек 2015

Milena… Some photos capturing the discharge from the maternity hospital and three days later – home session. A true miracle.

4 Ноя 2012
Natasha, Stepan and Fedor

I met Natasha when Fedor was… about two months, probably? Sure. The next shooting was a year after. And this time...

12 Окт 2012
Violet and Emily

Twin sisters. It has always been my dream to shoot newborn twins. Not hoping for luck, I placed an ad on one of the forums with an offer of a free shooting. And Marina replied. Being 5 months pregnant. I waited...

15 Мар 2012
Egorushka is only 3 weeks

A wonderful children photographer Lex Gromova has a loving husband and two daughters. Oh no, She is thrice mom now...

2 Янв 2012
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