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Spring photoshoot

The Wind, Island, Stepa

— Masha, look the light has appeared, go get the dress!
— I bet it will hide in a sec
— Don't worry we will manage it
And we were just on time.

9 Июн 2016
Spring portfolio

If you want to order a spring photo session call this number + 7 916 900 2000

13 Апр 2016
Spring photo shooting in Serednikovo

There can be light shootings and the pictures are the same as a result – ethereal and real. We just came, just walked, had some fun, caught a frog, visited cinema city in the neighborhood…

10 Июн 2014
Sonia, spring and apple trees

All in all, apple orchard is for girls. Some skirt, eyelashes, hair flying away… To whirl, dream, flirt… Or ask "Sonya, what about laughing?” – and here she starts laughing so loudly that no one can keep from laughing, not speaking about the photo session itself!

24 Май 2014
Stepan and Fedor, May

Life has tied me to Ekaterinburg – the place where my son was born. It happened that we returned to Moscow, but there in the Urals, do live our close people. And several times a year...

15 Июн 2013
The Sun, Apple Trees, Rena, Jenny and Liz

May… Hello again, my favorite apple orchard. This year the heat and storms did their work, you could hardly find the color coming from the apple trees, but there was a magical light, spring mood, a score of forget-me-nots and favorite characters.

15 Май 2013
Olya and Serafima

Natasha and Ilya, the family of artists, modern but outdated… Olya and Serafima, two rascals and meany girls, though one can`t believe these words looking into their Angel eyes. The centre of Moscow, although how this is possible: this white miracle, this transparent air? Real oxymoron. Everything may happen… Everything is possible.

21 Май 2012
White on white, in the apple orchard ...

A tender spring shooting for my colleague and children photographer Lex Gromova, with her daughters and son. Having looked at the photos their dad promised to be present next time – we take him at his word.

18 Май 2012
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