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Summer photoshoot

Summer portfolio

If you want to order a summer photo session call this number + 7 916 900 2000

13 Апр 2016
A stroll in Tsaritsyno Park

At times something goes wrong.  It seems that summer has come to an end. The streets are dark and the cold wind is setting its own rules. But if you desire something a lot...

17 Авг 2015

Summer visits the Urals not every year. But we were lucky with my son and coming to our friends we managed to catch it.  The heat, the transparent lake of Uvildy and a few days in a great company, – what can be better?

25 Июн 2015
Sonechka and Valya

It must be one of my most gentle shootings. The thing is… they are so, all four of them are so magical. The family, where no one argues with each other. In this family father does not stay at work late as his folks wait for him.  You look at them – and time stops.

17 Июл 2014
Sasha and Dasha

Oh, what a great day it was! A true,  big family shoot. To forget about photographer, city and just dive in the summer and childhood.

20 Июл 2013

There is no doubt I have a wonderful job, it is filled with positive moments. This time it was an international family, the union of Russia and New Zealand, nature and sunset colors. I hope that in future living so far in such an incredible country, our characters will look at these photos again and again with a great pleasure.

28 Авг 2012
Alenka and the summertime

When you meet people who are destined for each other – you feel this at once. And it is easy to photograph them – you should not interfere with it, that’s it. The rye and sunflower fields, the heat and sunset`s glowing – a summer photo session for Alena, Artem and Masha.

7 Авг 2012
Oleg's summer

It was a good summer… Oleg spent his time visiting his grandmoms and I gathered strawberries, shot grandmothers and grandfathers and did my best to capture the summer mood. As an outcome, we have this album and a photo book about Oleg`s summer.

15 Июл 2011
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