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Winter photoshoot

Winter portfolio

If you want to order a winter photo session you can call this number + 7 916 900 2000

13 Апр 2016
Sunny winter and coziness

Time runs very fast, and sometimes a year or two pass... Olya, but why haven't you been shot before? Well, I was busy with other things, I think you do understand... And finally, we met again and the sun together with our good mood accompanied us everywhere. And the previous session, when we shot at home and outside, just from the beginning of spring, you can look at  here

12 Мар 2016
Stroll in a fascinating company

March 30. Spring? Such a blessing. Let's have a walk?

10 Апр 2013
Sergei and winter mood

A cozy family story consisting of two parts – a home-gentle and snowy-romantic in the park by Novodevichy Convent.

25 Фев 2013
Masha, Pasha and... Seva

According to Leo Tolstoy, it wasn’t his fault, Anna Karenina did throw herself in front of the train. Here it is the same. Frankly speaking...

21 Фев 2013
Wintery-spring March

A small walking sketch about relationship, the last snow and pink color. Here are sisters Natasha and Glasha with their dad. March. Spring is coming soon.

30 Мар 2012
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