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More details about my working process

There are two possible answers. The brief answer is – only good ones. The detailed one is – the culling of the photos is divided into 3 stages.

27 Апр 2016
How to behave at a photo session

Do not worry. Everything that's inside—will show up on your face. Worse, the children always feel if their parents are nervous.

21 Дек 2015

Why do we need photobooks in the age of Instagram and Facebook? What determines their value? What is a "layout"?

16 Дек 2015
There are no miracles, or How to avoid disappointment

Family shooting is my job, and I guarantee that by hiring me you get reliability and stable result.

Why post-processing is needed?

I am often asked—is it possible to shoot a picture so that future digital processing would not be necessary?

I just make myself tidy, or Photographing newborns

Each time I come to photograph a nice three-four-six month rosy baby-doll, I ask: "Why haven't you ordered a newborn photo session?" 

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