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Why do we need photobooks in the age of Instagram and Facebook? What determines their value? What is a "layout"? Is it possible to select photos for the book yourself? You'll find all the answers in the article below.

Why a photobook is needed?

We live in a world filled with billions of digital "photo galleries". We may spend big money on a new phone if it has a wider screen and a better camera. But why do we invite a professional photographer? To get a new hundred of "pics"? No. We invite one because we want to retain history for our children. We think of images, which can be viewed over and over again—not "pics" but the Photographs.

Then what to do with these Photographs? Maybe throw them into a digital family archive and make a show for your friends on iPhone or iPad from time to time? No. Photographs are to be printed and there are different ways. Will it be a family portrait on canvas hanging in your father's office? Or a collection "of images in the frame" on the mantelpiece? Maybe both. But there's only one way to tell a story—a Photobook. A nice weight and soft skin—so wanted to be held in hands. It makes one want to examine each page and start over again in the end. The book will take its rightful place alongside the family album of your parents and grandparents...

What is a "layout"?

Technically a photobook is gathered of double pages, which means that double page prints of 60*30 cm are used to create a book of 30*30 cm. A photobook's layout is a view of composed double pages, background and photos on it. I select the best images from one or more photo sessions and arrange them into a sequence. I pick a background: one-coloured, light or dark, matching or contrasting cover's tone, then compose pages. I do not use any additional design elements—the main thing in the book is Photographs, nothing should detract attention from them. I send the layout to you and bring changes if necessary. As soon as the layout is approved, your photobook goes to print.

I'll show you a few examples of double pages. Please note that when a shot founds it's match—together, they turn into something more:

Is it possible to select photos to be included in the book?

Usually I ask which photos you absolutely want to be included and which should be expelled, otherwise I ask to give me freedom. In any case, I adjust the layout with you and we can make any changes to it.

What's the different between expensive and cheap photobooks?

The difference is the same as between a cheap car and a Mercedes. It lies in everything: the quality of materials, assembly technology, exterior, etc. But the biggest difference is that a mass product is not designed for a long storage—which is important. That's why I decided to give up on the middle class photobooks in favor of archive photobooks. The sheets of these albums are gathered not on plastic, but natural acid-free materials with special pH-neutral adhesives. All the photos are printed on photographic paper with can be storaged for up to 200 years as stated by the manufacturer.

Is it possible to order an additional copy of your photobook?

Yes, it is. If you order both copies at the same time—you get a good discount on the second. The layout will be exactly the same, but the cover tone may differ. The photo on the cover may also be different, but it should be of the same size and position—horizontal or vertical.

Where are the photobooks printed?

The Photobooks, which I with all the responsibly recommend to my clients, are created by the Sunpix company. There are no analogues of these books in Europe, because they are made by the author technology. They are flawless outwardly and by touch. The print quality and colours are magnificent. Genuine Italian leather is selected for the cover, which also may be of any colour. Each book is hand-assembled of the European raw materials by highly skilled craftsmen.

Flyleaves of silk or velvet.

The photo inset of any size, in the center of the book or through.

Each book comes with a soft case made of cotton, tailored to individual measures. Also a special box made of genuine leather may be ordered separately.

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