Photosessions in Dubai

Hello! I'm Jenny, a family lifestyle photographer with 14 years of experience, a mom of a teen boy, and a cat lover.


My sessions are unique. I never use same scripts and poses. I don't aim to capture just smiles and kisses, I'm here to create your own story through my lens.


That's why we need more time than a usual one-hour session. That's why I always prefer to start at your home, where we can enjoy some coffee, have a chat, and let the little ones run around. This will let me know and "feel" you better. As the next step we'll choose your outfit together, ensuring it matches the style and colors. This can be a challenge, especially if you have two or more kids. Then, the magic begins. Home-lifestyle pictures are always great, though we may also visit one or two lovely outdoor locations, such as the desert, to capture beautiful photographs with local character and vibe.

My photos aren't just about beauty, they're about capturing raw, natural emotions. While some are simply "good" portraits, many transport you right into a scene from a movie.

I've worked in many countries, including Italy, the USA, Qatar, France and China. Here are some photos I captured in Dubai:


One location

2000 AED

  • Pre-shoot consultation
  • 1-2 hours of shooting
  • One location like your home, the desert, a beach etc
  • A private online-gallery
  • Approximately 60-80 high-resolution, gently retouched digital photos


3000 AED

  • Pre-shoot consultation
  • A minimum of 3 hours of shooting
  • 2-3 locations
  • A private online-gallery
  • Approximately 100-120 high-resolution, gently retouched digital photos

Special price

1500 AED

  • Pre-shoot consultation
  • One hour of shooting at down (it starts at about 7 a.m.) on working days
  • A private online-gallery
  • Approximately 40-60 high-resolution, gently retouched digital pics

More photographs here: portfolio and some series.

If you want to book a session or you have any questions, please contact me via WhatsApp +7 916 900 2000. Love, Jenny